For three decades, Kenollie dads have held a BBQ to support the school with the entire neighborhood coming out for rides, raffles, food and fun.  Last year’s BBQ was a milestone as we raised funds for three separate causes:

A Learning Commons
An Outdoor Classroom
Schoolyard Tree Replacement

This year’s BBQ promises to be even better as we raise funds for a new, safer, baseball diamond, so show your support and have some FUN by coming out on June 7th.

This just in: 2016 BBQ was a HUGE success

The date has come and gone, and this year’s BBQ was once again a huge success. The weather was a bit on the chilly side (sorry, Dunk Tankers), but there was also sun, and fun. Here is what the Kenollie principal had to say:

“What an incredible evening it was last night!  I think that the BBQ was by far one of my favourites, even though it was definitely the chilliest in the tank!  The thing I enjoyed the most was just how much fun I noticed the students having.  From the new Lip Sync contest to the JARS, JARS, JARS and the different “eating” contests, it was clear to me that the focus was on the children and having a great time!”

“We are thrilled to announce that thanks to a very special Dad’s BBQ last night and some very generous donations and the fundraising efforts of the Dad’s BBQ team we reached our goal!  Construction of the new Baseball diamond will begin next week (hopefully Monday)…

“I am also happy to announce that it is my understanding that some of the top soil from the ball diamond will be relocated to the soccer field and that work on it will commence sometime soon as well.  It is my hope that the new soccer goal posts (also paid for through funds raised at the Dad’s BBQ) will be installed over the summer and that the treatment program will help our field to repair itself; our filed is receiving aeration, new top soil, seeding and a water program.  Once again, this work may lead to us having to re-think the use of our outdoor spaces temporarily.  I will keep you updated.

“Thanks again to everyone for their generous donations and support of these enhancements to our outdoor spaces!  It is an exciting time outdoors at Kenollie PS.”